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Best Wine Tours | Taste delicious wines and enjoy a day at the vineyards. Call for the best Long Island wine tours.

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We GUARANTEE the BEST PRICE Limo Service for Long Island Vineyard Wine Tours and Wine Tasting:

Silver Wine Tour Package (6-10 people) ONLY $700

Our cheapest Wine Tour Package is great for smaller trips and is the best value for those looking to do it all with a smaller budget.

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Gold Wine Tour Package (10-24 people) $75 per person

Our GOLD Wine Tour Package also offer good value if you have a larger trip and are looking to keep it cheap while still enjoying the opportunity to sample some delicious wines from Long Island's finest vineyards and wineries!

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Platinum Wine Tour Package (25-500 people) $70 per person

Our PLATINUMWine Tour Package is perfect for larger groups. We will pick you up in a customized luxury motorcoach with cofortable interior, bathroom, televison, card tables and more...

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Ultimate Wine Tour Experience (12-30 people) Call for Price

Our ULTIMATE Wine Tour Experience is perfect for people who wish to upgrade the Silver or Gold package and enjoy a full day of wine tasting in the finest Long Island Vineyards located in eastern Long Island. Travel in a luxury vehicle, enter the vineyards with VIP status, enjoy additional delicious wines and more...

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